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Designing With Stone

Ideas For Using Stone in your Annapolis Landscape and Hardscape Plan

There are many possibilities for stone walls in our Annapolis area. Here are some examples to help you consider what you might do for your own property:

  • Stone walls that parallel a street, dividing the outer lawn from the lawn proper;
  • Stone walls that line the sides of a driveway
  • Border-forming stone walls;
  • Vegetable garden walls or flower bed walls;
  • Retaining walls of stone, either to prevent erosion or to terrace a hillside.
  • Consider some of the different types of stone that can be used in the Annapolis area.

All of these require different methods of construction, and face their own challenges. For instance, building a dry stone retaining wall is a major undertaking. In addition to holding back the weight of the earth it is meant to retain, it must survive the surrounding area’s freeze and thaw cycles, and be visually appealing. 

Depending on the size and weight of the stones used to construct the wall, the tools and materials for the project will vary. Landscape fabric and a crushed stone or gravel are commonly used to create a base that allows moisture to drain. Proper drainage is essential, since water buildup can exaggerate freeze and thaw cycles, forcing the wall out of its intended shape, or worse, toppling sections altogether.

Smaller stones can be transported via wheelbarrow and moved into position by hand. Larger stones require mechanized lifting equipment. Strings, stakes, brick hammer, hammer drills, and chisels round out the remaining most-used items.

How Can Stone Be Used?

  • Patio floors/walls
  • Paths, including garden stepping stone walkways
  • Walls for a cold frame
  • Columns to support car ports
  • Pergola columns
  • Foundations for gazebos and other outbuildings  
  • Outbuildings made entirely of stone
  • Foundations for porches and decks
  • Accent pieces for water and rock gardens
  • Stone walls