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An Introduction To Hardscapes

Choose a style... or create a combination of many

Hardscaping includes anything that doesn’t grow — patios and pathways, porch steps and stepping stones, stone walls and walled gardens, bridges and gazebos.

Hardscaping can be one small birdbath in your back garden, or a series of paths in natural stone winding through the woods, crossing bridges over small streams, and ending in a tremendous plaza with fountains. Or anything in between. No job too large or too small!

Hardscaping can turn your yard into an inviting set of places to stroll or sit. Steps down to the dock… a bench under a shady tree… a smooth path to your front door!

Look at these pictures of hardscaping opportunities and let your imagination soar!

  • Relaxing in your own private space
  • Blending nature's wonders with a beautiful environment
  • Even a simple hillside can be made special
  • The beauty of hardscapes combined with natural and planted landscaping
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